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Yoooooo Hooooooooo
Sat, 12-29-2012 - 9:46am

Do NOT get me started on my computer issues with ivillage....  in with the good air....   out with the bad....         anyway, I hope everyone had the grandest of holidays !!  I'm in the process of downloading 416 pictures--- so I think it was a success on our part (and not even with my new camera...which hasn't arrived yet).  We flew back yesterday in the late afternoon---  to a dead battery car !  :(    2 TIRED kids....  6 pieces of luggage (yes, we were only gone a week, LOL) and a dead minivan.   Here's my advice (aren't you glad I go thru these things so that YOU don't have to?)... make sure that there's a FLASHLIGHT AND TOW or EMERGENCY AID number in a spot you always knows is there.   I have a flashlight-- but it's in the trunk of the mini--- and we couldn't get to it easily :(   Our parking attendent was a GODSEND and jumped the car easily and we were on our way ....  but please, make sure TODAY that you have a flashligt in your door the glove box.

More later-- but wanted to post since the IVillage gods actually let me...............

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Mon, 12-31-2012 - 11:05am


Christmas was wonderful, sad that the kids break is almost over.We have had had so much fun relaxing at home and sledding on our hill next door! So fun to have snow this year- we didn't get to sled once las year with the lack of snow.

Wenz- thansk for the tip! We are flying as a family in a few weeks and I am SO nervous!!! Will be the 1st time any of the kids have flown and I really don't like it. They are excited though so I put on my brave face-LOL!

Joey starts preschool on Thursday, I am so torn about him going. The reason I signd him up is so I can volunteer in Nola's class 1/week and I am exciited about that but I am sad to be away from my baby. I hope he does well, I have a feeling he will get upset when I try to leave.

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