Atheists & Humanists Meet to Debate Future

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Atheists & Humanists Meet to Debate Future
Thu, 10-28-2010 - 8:58am

370 atheists, humanists, and others met at the Millennium Biltmore to listen to speakers, such as Victor Stenger, Richard Dawkins, Chris Mooney, PZ Myers, and Sam Harris, and discuss the future of their movement.

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Thu, 10-28-2010 - 10:54am

Thanks for posting. That was interesting. I think I'm more of an "accomadationist". I live in the Northeast so religion is not so much of an in-your-face kind of thing here. Maybe that's why I don't feel the need to confront people..

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Sat, 10-30-2010 - 10:48pm

I tend to be more of an accomodationist also.