Do you ever feel you should be more active in the Atheist/Agnostic community?

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Do you ever feel you should be more active in the Atheist/Agnostic community?
Wed, 06-15-2011 - 9:13pm

One reason Christianity manages to keep such a strong hold is because it has so many outspoken followers.

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Do think if free thinkers were more outspoken more people would feel free to follow logic and reason?

No. I think religion serves a purpose. It makes people feel that life has meaning and there is a reward in heaven for good behavior. I think that is a powerful message. We don't really have a lot of "feel good" things to offer, unless you are escaping a rigid fundamentaistl type of religion.
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I guess it depends on what constitutes being involved in and Atheist/Agnostic community. Am I interested in meeting weekly to discuss Atheist issues? No. Am I interested in advocating for Atheist rights? Well, sometimes but honestly, the groups in our area focus on things like memorial crosses on public land as opposed to things like certain local religious groups not being forthright in their affiliation and trying to flood school boards with their own (something that both the religious and non-religious would want to know about!)

I'm not part of any groups officially but most of my friends are either atheists and agnostics with a few budhists and pagan thrown into the mix. We do for eachother what a church would do. When one is struggling, we come together and offer support emotionally as well as

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There are a lot of Church and Religious Organizations who do things around here that benfit the community. For example, at Field Day at my son's public school, the church next door set up a free sno-cone booth for the kids. It was a hot day so that was a very nice thing for them to do. They just had a small banner up saying the treats were provided by their church. I would like to see an Atheist Organization do things like that. Nothing ostentatious or overt, just show up to help build a house for Habitat for Humanity, organize a food drive, team up with the local power company to weatherize homes for the poor and elderly all while wearing t-shirts or hanging a banner saying the name of the group.

I think, IMHO, outspoke Christians are many time obnoxious. It's usually only tolerated because it's "for Christ" and all Christians grow up believing it is a good thing to spread the word. If we try to be that forward and loud ourselves it will not be recieved well and ultimately harm the view of us.

I do believe that there will be a day where we wont be so villified. its coming!