Free-Thinking Clubs at High Schools

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Free-Thinking Clubs at High Schools
Mon, 02-14-2011 - 12:11pm

I thought this was an interesting article:

The Secular Student Alliance is a group that promotes atheism and humanism. They have chapters at hundreds of colleges, and they would like to launch 50 new clubs in high schools.

I'm not sure what I think about this. The public high school I attended didn't have any faith-based clubs at the school, so I don't think it would have been appropriate there. However, if there *were* faith-based clubs then I think it's only fair to have a free-thinking club as well.

Do you think a free-thinking club is appropriate at public high schools?

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Mon, 02-14-2011 - 2:08pm

If there is a Fellowship of Christian Athletes, or any other faith-based group, then it is appropriate and should be allowed, IMO. However, I'm sure there are a lot of people who would scream bloody murder. :)

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Wed, 02-16-2011 - 1:16pm

Sure! I really don't care if there are religious clubs on campus as long as they are afterschool and they aren't a conversion or passing judgement on their fellow students.

My DD goes to a performing arts highschool and they have a religious club that comes together for fellowship, prayer, religious music, ect. This same school also has a Gay/straight alliance, a multitude of cultural clubs including an Islam group, young democrats, environmental groups, ect. Any of those

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Wed, 02-16-2011 - 5:23pm

At my high school, the only religiously-oriented club was the FCA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and it WAS Christian.

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Thu, 02-17-2011 - 8:53pm

As long as it was done equally, but it never would be.