Alisha's First Holy Communion pictures..

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Alisha's First Holy Communion pictures..
Mon, 05-17-2004 - 4:16pm
Yesterday, Alisha made her 1st communion. They had them go down the aisle, boy & girl together, so they looked like little bride and grooms... SO cute!! DH & I joked that we were getting a "preview" of 20 years from now... lol

Alisha also did the first reading for the mass. She read through all the "big" words with no hesitation... She made us so proud! :)

Everything went very smoothly... I just can't believe that my first baby has already made her 1st communion. Am I really that old!? LOL

Kathleen, Alisha, Brenna, & Celina

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Mon, 05-17-2004 - 6:22pm



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Oh, What a Beauty.