Are U a Cradle Catholic

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Are U a Cradle Catholic
Sat, 09-20-2003 - 10:34am
If so, was there ever a time, you left the Church or was unsure about your Faith? If you are not a Cradle Catholic, what made you convert or join the Catholic Faith?!


My Answer is Yes, I am Cradle Catholic (a Catholic since Birth). There was an in between time when I questioned my Faith. It was when I started dating my DH who is Presbyterian. I attended a few of his services and really liked the commaradere (sp?). Everyone was so open, welcoming and friendly. I remember thinking that there was only ONE way to pray until I met him. His Faith, thou, strengthened my own faith. It gave me more respect for my own religion, his religion and other religions instead of arrogance and ignorance.



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Sat, 09-20-2003 - 3:46pm
Yep, cradle Catholic here, too.

There wasn't really a time when I questioned my faith, but from the time I was pregnant with my 1st until right after 9/11, I was less than an active Catholic. About 6 - 6.5 years, I guess. I never went to any other church services, but it was such an ordeal to take 2 little kids who were not all that well-behaved, we just went occasionally to Mass. My DH was working 7 days (nights) a week and Saturday nights was his hardest night, so he was not too helpful on Sundays.

But we're back now!



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Sat, 09-20-2003 - 7:57pm
I am not a Cradle Catholic. I was born into a Methodist family, and durring college I questioned my faith. Durring that time, I explored other religions and began to seriously study Wicca. Through several discussions, my husband, who is a Cradle Catholic, helped me realize that deep down my beliefs were Christian, no matter how hard I tried to ignore it. I gave away all my books on Wicca and started going back to church. After we got married I decided that it would be a good idea to attend RCIA classes to better understand my husband's faith, and durring the classes, I decided that I did want to become Catholic as well.
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Fri, 09-26-2003 - 2:05pm
Hi Jeanne thought I'd come check things out over here. See what goes on here.

I am a cradle catholic. I have never questioned my faith I did stray while in a wild faze in my life you know the 20's. I did think about what I was doing and really did wanttto commit to the church but you know how things go. After I met dh I started attending church on a regular basis again. And felt so much better for it.


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Thu, 10-02-2003 - 12:22pm
I was baptized an infant. The time I was questioning my religion or faith was around college age & classes and grading were drastic (point system, further down the road material) got involved with other churches & enjoyed the sermons, except never did convert. Just wondering I have never heard the term Cradle Catholic. Is this something to think about for children, or mostly, for infants??? *I'll assume so!*
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Thu, 10-02-2003 - 1:11pm
It just means that you've been Catholic all your life, since you were in the cradle.


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Fri, 10-03-2003 - 7:53am
I am a cradle Catholic. I have gone through 2 periods of actively questioning my faith, once in senior year of college and once just after I moved to Japan. Both experiences left me with a deeper understanding of my faith and traditions and a wake up call as to how woefully lacking my catechesis as a child/teen was.

Throughout my life I have had out and out panic attacks if I let myself dwell on the afterlife and if I'm living a good enough life, etc. Over the years I have come to embrace these attacks as a means for examining my beliefs and where I am in my life. I think too few people of faith take the time to really be afraid for their souls in a visceral way. They follow the rules and be nice to others, but this, to me, is not faith. It is a comfort zone. True faith, imo, should be discomforting, lest you become complacent.

I still go through brief periods of questioning different things, including the very existance of God, but it doesn't bother me, many of the Saints went through the same thing. The important thing, imo, is to take that questioning and to use it to further your search and study of the Truth. In the end I can either be Catholic or atheist, because if one is to have any faith in God at all surely all of the goodness and fullness of it is to be nowhere but in Catholicism. We are truly blessed to be part of God's One True Church.

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Fri, 10-03-2003 - 4:27pm
Thank you for clarifying my question. Makes sense, I'm just wondering where the term came from. Is there a reference? Other resource areas don't always mean they're the same ones in a another church.