can anyone give me info. on...

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can anyone give me info. on...
Mon, 07-26-2004 - 11:59am
what I can do about my situation. I had a miscarriage over the weekend and I delivered the gestational sac with my 8 week old baby inside. I am having an extremely hard time right now. I was wondering if anyone here who has miscarried or knows someone who has might have information on what I can do with regards to a burial for our baby. I know that because I miscarried so early that this might sound unusual to some but it was definitely my baby, it was very evident that this was a baby... our baby.:( I have called our priest and he hasn't returned my call yet.

Thanks in advance for any information.
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Mon, 07-26-2004 - 5:06pm
1st of all - please accept my sympathy.

Secondly, I found this on ewtn questions and answers, and hope it is helpful to you.

This category of infant is not explicitly mentioned in the ritual. However, it does provide a funeral rite for children who died before baptism (Order of Christian Funerals 234-242), which would presumably be the case in most miscarriages. It would have to have been the parents' intention to have baptized the child had it lived. Funerals can also be conducted in the absence of a body, which likely would also be the case. Unless there are liturgical directives elsewhere on this point, I see no reason that a funeral rite could not be held for a miscarried baby. In this excerpt from the ritual, please note the careful distinction between what we know (the necessity of baptism for salvation) and our hope in God's mercy for such infants.

237 Funeral rites may be celebrated for children whose parents intended them to be baptized but who died before baptism. (In the general catechisis of the faithful, pastors and other ministers should explain that the celebration of funeral rites for children who die before baptism is not intended to weaken the Church's teaching on the necessity of baptism.) In these celebrations the Christian community entrusts the child to God's all-embracing love and finds strength in this love and Jesus' affirmation that the kingdom of God belongs to little children (Matthew 19:14).

If I find more, I'll post in another post.




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Fri, 07-30-2004 - 6:59pm
I'm sure a doctor or hospital will have more info regarding your situation. It's difficult to believe in these matters religiously if there's no one around to help. I'll pray for you, however, all you can do is hope for an answer. I hope you can find a nurse or a nearby friend who has helped you before. All my best, sister1234