Can you help? Need Xavier picture

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Can you help? Need Xavier picture
Wed, 11-19-2008 - 1:13pm

I'm asking for help again. I'm almost done with my nephew's church ABC book. But I don't have a picture of St. Francis Xavier for the "X" page. Is there one at your church? If so, could you take a picture and email it to me? I need high res, but I'm not picky after that -- stained glass, painting, statue -- anything will do.

Or, if you have another idea for X, let me know. One I get the book done, I'll set it up so you can view it online.



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Fri, 11-21-2008 - 2:06pm

What about an icon? If you google "Francis Xavier icon" you'll find a few pictures. I don't know how hi-res they'll be, though.