Christmas Tree kept up til Epiphany?!

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Christmas Tree kept up til Epiphany?!
Sun, 01-04-2004 - 9:26am

...How many of you keep your Tree up til The Epiphany?



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Sun, 01-04-2004 - 10:05am
Ours usuallys stays up into the new year. We put it up "late" according to most people's standards - usually the week before Christmas - and it stays up late, too.

I will probably work on taking it down today - but no guarantees.


PS - One year before we were married, DH had a tree that stayed up until April. I'd taken all the decorations off, but he procrastinated taking it outside. A live tree - it was dryer than heck - but still green, thanks to that spray that they spray them with!


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Sun, 01-04-2004 - 11:11pm
Our parish decorations stay up until after next Sunday, the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, which is the Sunday that officially ends the liturgical Christmas season. We've always kept our things up here at home at least until January 6, but usually longer. We also don't put our home decorations up until about the week before Christmas.
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Mon, 01-05-2004 - 10:10am
We keep all our decorations, including the tree, up until the Epiphany. I always plan to take them down that day, but if that day is too busy, they stay up until I have time.


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Tue, 01-06-2004 - 1:44pm
We leave it up usually, but this year it came down on Saturday, outside stuff came down on New Years day because it was nice outside and the weather was going to get worse, which it has. I thought about keep the nativity scene up but then it wouldn't have gotten packed away right and I charish my scene, sentimental value, so I put it away.


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Wed, 01-07-2004 - 11:43am
We put our tree up on Christmas Eve and take it down after Epiphany. I'm usually ready for it to go, though. 12 days is enough for me!