Does anyone recieve the Magazine

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Does anyone recieve the Magazine
Thu, 03-10-2005 - 12:03pm

Catholic Parent?

If you don't, I highly recomend it! We love it. I canceled my subscription to Parents magazine with my first born was about 15 months old, I just can't stand some of their misguided articles. Since, I discovered Catholic Parent and love it.

If you do recieve it, what do you think of the article in there about Childrens Stations of the Cross? Personally, I love it. I'm gathering the objects up for Stations this Friday. I think it will help the kids make Christ's journey feel "real." Actually I'm making two kits, one for each of our older children so dh and I can spend equal time with each child.

Any idea's on something special for baby dd to hold? She's 14mo. I made her a flip book of mass cards and she likes that...I want to buy her a baby rosary but our Catholic books store is always sold out! Any ideas?

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Fri, 03-11-2005 - 10:02pm

I have an old copy that I just received ... My mother is a DRE (director of Religious Education) and I inherit a lot of the free samples she receives. LOL I loved it, though, and am going to get a subscription once I have a little extra cash.

Speaking of free samples, I just got a free catalog for Catholic Child in the mail today. It has a lot of, well, Catholic kid stuff, from babies to preschoolers and on up. You can get a free catalog at



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Fri, 03-11-2005 - 10:19pm

Two thumbs up to Catholic Parent magazine! I've been receiving it since it was first published and have even saved all past issues! I also highly recommend Catholic Child catalog that Maria mentioned.


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Sat, 03-12-2005 - 12:17pm

I love that catalog! I am going to order the faith zipper pulls on page 11. There are some similar ones on page 26 too. And on page 27, letter B for all of our bikes. I thought that was really sweet. And on page 30, there is a card game it looks like we could play on long car trips. I also like the looks of letter F, pg 30 also. Has anyone played that? It sounds like Trivial Pursuit, sort of. All saints Bingo would be fun too. We are board game people. I frequently host dinner parties with other couples and we play games while our kids either play along or just play together.

Has anyone purchased anything by Cat. Chat? I think those look cute. I saw them advertised on EWTN too.

About a subscritption to Catholic Parent, bought a subscription a couple years ago wondering how I'm going to pay for it. God really does deliver, my next two subscriptions were free. OSV sent a free subscription notice in the renewal envelope. I have since purchsed another supbscription and gifted a subscription to someone else b/c I had the extra pocket change.

I used to get this publication called "Hearts at Home" I loved it. I couldn't afford a subscription to it but I did write to the editor about how much I loved the magazine but I couldn't afford it. I just wanted them to know how much each issue ment to me. I asked about buying back issues at a discount. The editor sent me back a short financial "aid" statement and I returned it. Based on their research, they gave me a year for free. It doesn't hurt call or write to ask questions. Like I said, I gave $$ to CathParent this year for gift subscriptions...they have to give them to somebody!

I also highly recomend "Hearts at Home" to ALL SAHM's!!

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Sun, 03-13-2005 - 8:36pm

I got the X'mas sample edition of The Catholic Parent having no use for it right now, so it'll be donated to charity, thinking it's more into the Catholic Christian. I found U.S. Catholic, another magazine, to be worse however, debating secular thinking with non-parental topics, just in case you're into trying out thoughts and thinking. The Catholic religion *is* supposed to be based on Sacred thought, as written in the preface of a Catholic Study Bible I got ... just for my common sense worth!!!

Got the sample of Catholic Online to help you find a gift.

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Tue, 03-15-2005 - 9:32am

Kimberly...thanks so much for posting about this magazine. I went to the website and ordered a subscription! I had forgotten about Our Sunday Visitor (my Mom always has that at her house), so I ordered that as well. I look forward to their arrival.

Maria...thanks for the link to the website for Catholic gifts...that site is amazing!


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Tue, 03-15-2005 - 4:41pm
You are so welcome! I love that magazine!!