A Donated Bible.....Now What?!

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A Donated Bible.....Now What?!
Sat, 01-10-2004 - 1:37pm

..Yes, The (New American) Bible was donated to me from RE at Church around Christmas Time.



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Sat, 01-10-2004 - 3:29pm
I am interested! Hope you count me in; manythoughts!
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Sat, 01-10-2004 - 4:09pm
I generally read the Lectionary readings for the next Sunday the week before. I have participated in a study of a NT book and the Old Testament sort of in general. I use the Scriptures more for study in preparing RCIA lessons or Adult Faith Formation presentations. I have several "Bible Studies" here one that I really like is no longer in print and hasn't been for several years.

If interested I would be willing to post a weekly Bible study worksheet on here?

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Sun, 01-11-2004 - 9:59am
That sounds like a good idea! I know it would help me in this area.

Jeanne, I read different parts of the bible now and then but seems to be always the same readings. I know I have been told in the past not to read it cover to cover but jump around a little bit.