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Mon, 02-21-2005 - 4:26pm
I haven't posted here in a while but wanted to get thoughts on evolution. I live in the south and there is a lot of discussion here right now about evolution being taught in schools. Growing up Catholic, I was never told that evolution was wrong and it was never really a big deal to me. My parents, very devout Catholics, had books depicting changes in humans from early man to now. But it was never really discussed as being right or wrong. Now here I am faced with people assuming that since I am a religious person, I oppose evolution being taught in schools. I do not. I wondered what the Catholic church teaches about evolution and searched for articles and not surprisingly found that it is not something that the Church says in incorrect. I see that the Pope has made some statements about it and it looks like the Catholic church has found ways to explain that evolution, based on scientific evidence, can be accepted and does not contradict the existence of God. Am I reading this right? I am not one who is very good with debates but have been bombarded with this lately from some fundamentalist (not Cathoilic) aquaintences I have. I am wondering what other Catholic parents have to say on this issue. Definitely NOT trying to start any debates, just want to hear some points of view.
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hi Flo, I think that evolution and creation coincide.

In Genesis they way that the creation of earth is described is exactly how science would order it.....(starting with light, separation of water and land, vegetation, living creatures in water,

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Evolution explains the how, religion explains the why. As I understand it, the Pope has stated that the evidence behind evolution is great enough that it should be the preferred theory. You may want to read his exact statements, but your understanding is correct. Here's what matters: God created everything. At some point, he gave humans souls, setting them apart from other animals. Evolution does not contradict this at all.

I hope you do speak out. This is one of those topics where it bothers me that people -- fundamental Christians and non-Christians alike -- think that all Christians think the same way. It is time Catholics start speaking out and showing how a person of faith can also believe in the scientific explanation of evolution.


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Yep. I had the same experience with a co-worker a few years ago. He was laughing about seeing a fish symbol with feet on a car, and he said how it made fun of all Christians believing that evolution is wrong. I told him that, as a Catholic, I consider the possibility of evolution being correct but the one who set everything in motion is God. Science and God are not in opposition. Science is a peek at God's blueprints, at least for me. ;-)

I copied this from a Catholic news source regarding the Catholic Church's stance, historically speaking, on evolution: In 1950, Pope Pius XII indicated in his encyclical Humani generis that the idea that God used evolution to create the body of the first man did not contradict the deposit of faith provided certain provisos were maintained.

Be sure to let people know that, yes, it is possible for a person to have a brain that theorizes *and* also be a Christian! LOL

"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." (Joshua 24:15)



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well said!