Friday 5...Blessings, Count Em (m)

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Friday 5...Blessings, Count Em (m)
Fri, 08-22-2003 - 7:34pm
Friday 5...Blessings...Share 5 Blessings that you Feel thankful For this Week:

Jeanne's Five:

1. Oldest DD started 1st Grade this Week. Big Adjustment for me more than her. She hopped on a School Bus for the first time. I am so proud and feel very blessed

2. Winding Down of Summer. I am ready for a new chapter - Fall, School, Activities

3. My other two lil ones. Our four-some has turned into a three-some this week until my oldest gets home. We have managed and are having fun

4. Prayers and actually finding the time to pray. Now, if I could only get into my Rosary again

5. The Weather. 5 Day forcast mentions some cooler weather, Finally!



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Sat, 08-23-2003 - 9:58am
OK - I'll jump into this one -

1. Alex (my 6 year old) actually practiced with his soccer team this week. (Last year he absolutely refused; it was too hot!)

2. The papers for our home equity loan were FINALLY ready to sign yesterday.

3. I have more seniority than 2 of the other special ed teachers at our school, so I will not have to leave when they close a class due to lack of students.

4. Bernard (my 8 year old) has not been overwhelmed with homework.

5. Both kids have teachers who I really like. My 1st grader has the teacher that my 2nd grader had last year. And my 2nd grader has the same teacher he had in K.

Oh, and a bonus one....

Cub Scouts is starting back up. I'm a den leader, and we have as much fun as the kids (maybe more) at our monthly leader meetings. I enjoy the adult conversation.



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Sat, 08-23-2003 - 5:52pm

1. Beautiful weather day here and

2. DH watched the kids all day so I could have lunch with my mother and do some food shopping in peace which was really nice because I

3. ran into this lovely woman I only barely know but we talked about the love of Christ right there by the eggs for about 15 minutes and now I'm

4. preparing to join the family to use our new outdoor fireplace for the first time and camp out in the yard...a nice way to end the Summer before

5. my oldest child, DS, starts Kindergarten with a really lovely teacher...she's a Christian and it's an inclusion classroom where DS will learn so much in the way of compassion, mentoring, etc. I keep hearing more and more about how great this class is, which is wonderful because I was concerned at first about the inclusion part...would DS get enough challenge, etc.? But now I'm convinced God knew exactly what He was doing! (Doesn't He always?)

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

In Him,


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Mon, 08-25-2003 - 3:23pm
1. Beautiful weather all weekend long with more to come and Sept. only a week away!

2. Visiting all weekend with beloved relatives I have not seen in a year & making plans to visit in PA in 10 days.

3. Quitting my job to stay home with kids and really appreciating being home with them this time around.

4. My son is finally counting! For real counting not just playing at counting like he has been.

5. My beautiful children's enthusiasm for everything life has to offer and their constant asking about going to church!

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