Happy Easter ladies...we leave tomorrow

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Happy Easter ladies...we leave tomorrow
Wed, 03-23-2005 - 5:04pm

Last night as we tucked Addy into bed she asked Robert how many more days until he'll have a day off so he could stay home with us. Robert said two days...and then she said, "yeah, then we will go to gram's house!" Robert said that we will be going to Gram's house after the Easter Egg hunt on Sunday---Addy says, "ugg, darn church!" LOL

We talked it over and we are willing to sacrafice the comfort of our church to indulge our middle daughter a full week at Gram's. We don't really like the new priest at my moms church. He's from South Africa and he's a little backwards...*clears throat* women don't matter to him. He is very much the thinking that women are subservant. Irriates me. When I called my mother this morning to tell her we were coming early she was over joyed---I did ask her if we could go over to another parish. She was fine with that. I so love our own parish, I'll really miss the traditional and powerful Maundy Thursday and Good Friday masses. At least we will have Easter mass with family. Oh, well they are only little for a while. Soon enough our kids will have families of their own and our parents will leave this world...

It is my sincere wish that the glorious Easter season will bring every blessing and joy to each of your homes. May the peace of the Risen Savior be yours always.

I posted the following days St Bridget prayers for Terri Schiavo. Please pray for her and for all life to be protected from conception to natural death.

Happy Easter!!

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Wed, 03-23-2005 - 10:37pm


Another trip, girl? You just got back from one! Ohhh, this time you're taking the family. LOL *wink*

That's good of you to make that change for the kids' enjoyment. They are only young once, and they grow so quickly! (Remember to put Easter eggs in your ears so you don't have to hear the homily. LOL)

Thanks so much for posting those prayers. I've been praying them. Thanks for that.

And happy Easter to you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May the joy of knowing our Redeemer lives and abides in us fill your heart! May you proclaim the Gospel lovingly and joyfully to all who know you through your actions and life! Peace be with you, sister!



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Thu, 03-24-2005 - 11:15am

We travel alot! Our summer travel has begun. We do love it. I have always thought it was so easy to travel and go out to eath with kids, quite the opposite of a lot of other families. I'm only sorry we will miss Holy Thursday mass and the parish potluck since we will be on the road tonight.

Thanks for your continued prayers. I'm looking forward to meeting my sis's bf to make my own opinion. He makes the strangest and most blunt remarks to my mother and my mother is easiy shocked to silence. She also isn't used to being talked to disrespectfully. I, on the other hand, am not afraid to fire right back! LOL--suprise! I just hope and pray he isn't rude and repressive like that to my sister too.

Easter eggs in my ears! LOL too funny!!

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Thu, 03-24-2005 - 4:59pm

Oooo....it sounds like you have some interesting happenings in your family ;-) so long as they aren't bad, those interesting happenings sure keep things...well, interesting!

I hope you have a great trip and visit.