Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!!
Wed, 03-17-2010 - 12:14pm
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Are you wearing green today?

I am! I've got on my favorite green hoodie, and (probably TMI) my green clover underwear.

Are the kids in green?

They are. Ian has on a cool green polo shirt. Lucy has on a shirt that says "Kiss me for good luck" with a clover and lips on the front. Brian wore his green hoodie over his standard business-casual attire. Ian took his sweet time putting his shirt on this morning, so I spent most of the morning pinching him. I think he did it on purpose. ;)

Are you indulging in any fun, festive foods or projects today?

Tonight we're going to MIL's house for corned beef and cabbage. I love that stuff! Ian made a leprechaun catcher. It's fun to stage the big catch! We have been reading stories about St. Patrick as well.