Hello All...How 'bout some Bios (m)

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Hello All...How 'bout some Bios (m)
Fri, 08-08-2003 - 10:15am
.. I am Jeanne. SAHM to three beautiful children, DD 6, DD 4 and DS almost 8 months. I am a (Cradle) Catholic and reside in a suburb of Des Moines Iowa. I grew up Catholic in Cincinnati and lived in Indianapolis and Phoenix for some time too. I attended Parochial School and graduated from a private/all girls H.S. In Cincinnati. I think I will always feel the tug of Parochial vs Public Education as I rear my own Children. When we moved to Iowa, DH was convinced that we move to an area that has great Schools. Well, I opened my eyes to the Public Sector here and am content, thou my oldest is only 6, entering 1st Grade! My Hobbies include art, journaling, Church and of course, my children! I lector at my Church here. Because of frequent moves and instability in our lives because of DH Corporate Climbs, so to speak, one thing that always was strengthened was my Faith. I am proud to be Catholic and proud to be part of such a neat group here. I am fascinated and educated by the topics that are discussed here. I am also CL to a board, close to my heart, My Shy Child. I frequent Midwest SAHMs, Playgroups, and Iowa Board too....

Looking forward to Reading your Bio


PS Let me know if you want added or deleted folders; topics of discussion; etc. Thanks!



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Sat, 08-09-2003 - 12:08am
OK - I'm Karen mom to two sweet (most of the time) little boys - ages 6 and 8. I also have a grown stepson, who has a stepson of his own, a DD, and another babe on the way.

I'm a cradle catholic, though when the boys were younger, I wasn't much of a practicing Catholic. DH (also a cradle catholic) and I were some of those people who returned to church the Sunday after 9/11, and we're still there. We took it as a wake-up call to straighten up some things that needed it.

I grew up in Louisiana, and now live about 60 miles from my parents and next door to MIL. DH attended Catholic schools from 1-12 grade. I attended them from K-8. I loved my public high school. It was a magnet school, and was a breath of fresh air from the snotty Catholic school I attended. HOWEVER, I teach special ed in the middle school my own kids would attend if they went to public school, and there is NO WAY I would ever want them there. I could tell you many stories, but suffice to say, it is worth every penny of the nearly $600/month to send them to a Catholic school.

My hobbies include these boards, scrapbooking, and reading. I'm also a Cub Scout Den Leader - love camping when the weather is a little cooler.

I have learned so much from these boards. At first I felt like I wasn't quite holy enough to be hanging out here, but the Holy Spirit works in all kinds of ways.

Please, please, please do NOT add any folders. I have a dial-up connection and these boards are so slow. Especially tonight - they seem slower than usual.



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Sat, 08-09-2003 - 5:27pm
How long do ya want these bios?? LOL!

Mine will probably be rather ho-hum. My dh and I are both cradle Catholics, born right here in same city where we still live, in the same house we bought the year we were married 31 years ago. He and I belonged to the same parish growing up and attended the same parish parochial school all the way from K to graduation from high school. At that point we both took a small detour ;-) - he went into the seminary for one year and I entered the convent for three years. Having each realized that we were not being called to the priesthood/religious life, we finished college (separate ones - but Catholic ones). After college we both sang in our parish choir at our former parish where we grew up (can you hear the background violins playing yet LOL). We were both dating other people but ended up each breaking up with those people and dating each other. About a year later we were married!

We have two sons - the youngest is 23 and engaged to be married next May. The oldest will be 27 the beginning of next month. He is presently still unattached. Both my dh and I are quite involved in our parish. This parish is the one (only the second one we've ever belonged to) we joined just before our second son was born and is actually much closer to where we live. Both my dh and I sing in the choir. We're both Eucharistic Ministers. Dh and both boys have a week with their Coffee Shop Team sponsored by the Men's Club that provides coffee/donuts etc. after all the Sunday Masses. Both ds are ushers at "our" Mass. Our youngest son recently volunteered to be in charge of the food donations. And I'm Family Ministry Coordinator which includes the baptism program, I edit the quarterly parish newsletter and am the creator and webmanager of the parish website.

In my spare time I like to read, do crafts - especially computer related crafts and have recently become very interested in genealogy as it relates to scrapbooking and categorizing and preserving a couple of bazillion old family snapshots. It'll be an ongoing project for sure. Dh and I had the most interesting morning today - we went to the local cemetery here and spent almost three hours (with time out for lunch) there hunting about six different family monuments. We found 'em all!!!!! We even found a few "extra" monuments of families we know - and this is a BIG cemetery. Are you familiar with Harvey Ball the creator of the "smiley face" who died in 2001? He was from Worcester MA here and we came upon his monument quite accidentally. It's a really nice dark granite and very appropriately has a yellow smiley face at the top. We took a picture of it.


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Fri, 08-15-2003 - 12:44am
I'll chime in...I'm a cradle Catholic, with 16 years of Catholic schooling. I've been married for 5 years; my husband is a convert who was raised Congregationalist (somewhat) and drifted into nothing before finding Catholicism. We have two wonderful children, a 4 year old daughter and a 2 year old son. My daughter may make her first foray into Catholic schools next month, but she's on a waiting list for the 4-K program.

I've been a member of my current parish for 3 months now, and other than working two hours at our festival next month, I'm not involved in anything. In the past, I've taught religious ed at various levels from second grade through high school at a total of 4 parishes.

I'm an account manager at a marketing firm; I work 5 hours/day in the office, then spend the afternoons with my kids, then work at home once they go to bed, which is why I'm up now. I specialize in medical equipment marketing, and currently work with primarily European clients.

I'm sad to say that work and family leave me little time for hobbies (well, not sad about the family part, just the work part!) but I do enjoy cooking, going to the theatre, hiking and reading. I also love to travel, but a lot of that will be on hold until the kids get older (other than business travel).

We live in Cedarburg, WI, outside of Milwaukee.

I'm one of 12 siblings -- and interestingly, we're all still practicing Catholics.

And that (said John) is that -- a little insight into my boring but generally content life.


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Sat, 08-16-2003 - 2:25pm
I'm Becky (33) wife to DH Chris (35) mommy to ds Stephen (3.75) and dd Elizabeth (2.25). TTC #3 any time now. I am a cradle Catholic who attended Catholic school for only 1 year, but wishes it would have been more. DH converted a little over 3 years ago after a life of atheism and a brief foray into Buddhism. I very recently returned to being a SAHM after a year in the workforce as an Assistant Director in a childcare center. My DH is a gov't contractor who is working increasingly longer hours in DC supposedly in service to our country ;) We attend a small, non-diocesan affiliated, Franciscan parish in Triangle, VA just outside of Quantico Marine Base and we're hoping to get our son enrolled there for preschool this fall (hey, we've only been on the waiting list 2 years, ya never know). I'm not really sure what I do in my free time since I haven't had any in over a year. Now that I'm home again I suspect when I'm not with the kids running here and there or doing projects that I'll spend my time painting my house, fixing up my rear yard and scrapbooking. A little about my beliefs: I'm staunchly pro-life, I practice NFP and support Catholic schooling, I love JPII but have a difficult time reconciling the Church's view of homosexuality with the homosexuals I know IRL and my patron saint is St. Francis of Assissi. Also, I can't wait to see Mel Gibson's _The Passion_.


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Mon, 08-18-2003 - 2:22pm

I'm new here. I grew up Catholic in the suburbs of Philadelphia and attended Catholic schools. I have been married for 11 years. My husband and I have three beautiful girls ages 5, 3, and 10 months. My oldest will be starting Kindergarten in Catholic school next week. We chose Catholic school not only for the academic education, but also for the moral education. I can't believe she's going to school already. :( I am a teacher, but am home right now with the girls. I will be teaching 6th grade CCD in my parish this coming school year. My husband is not Catholic, but does attend Mass with us every Sunday. I don't have a lot of time for hobbies, but I enjoy playing with my girls, doing crafts with them and reading.


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Fri, 08-22-2003 - 6:21pm
Hey there!

I used to post here all the time, but now only have the time to drop in and lurk occasionally.

I'm Lisa, a fourteen year convert to the Faith. We have 7 kids: 3 boys and 4 girls and have been eagerly awaiting another baby since the birth of of the last one, but alas no such luck! We homeschool 5 of the 7 after a brief stint in Catholic schools. We live in a rural farming community south of Portland, Oregon.

I used to teach in Catholic schools and miss teaching in the classroom dreadfully (although I do love teaching my own kids!)

As someone else mentioned, I'm also very excited to see the movie "The Passion". Watching the trailers on the web made me realize how other "Jesus" movies lack Catholic theology. This is going to be so good!

We are also looking forward to the movie "Therese" that will hopefully be coming out. Members of our parish/homeschooling group have created this wonderful film and are looking for distributors.

In my free time I read, work on curriculum, work in the yard, take the kids out, etc. etc.