How was your weekend?

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How was your weekend?
Mon, 03-21-2005 - 1:08am

How was your weekend? What are the plans for this Holy Week?



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Mon, 03-21-2005 - 1:19am

Essie's colonscopy dominated Friday and all its activities --- just making sure she was relaxed, resting, not running around like usual ... but then the weekend was busier. Saturday, I got 1o inches of my hair shorn off. Some online buddies of mine and I were growing out our hair for Locks of Love, a nonprofit organization that collects hair to make wigs for cancer patients that are children or teenagers. I was the last one of the group (my hair had been the shortest), but this Saturday morning, I just went and lopped off almost all my hair. The bag holding the four ponytails I had weighs a ton, and I've lost 5 pounds in hair alone. LOL Then we had a birthday party in the afternoon. ~~ At some point, my MIL came over, toting a copy of "The Incredibles" for the kids and also fish tacos for dinner, so fun and yum was wrapped into one. Today, Sunday, we just went out for a cheap lunch, went to the park whilst Preston worked, and then went to the teen Mass at night. Miguelito has been absolutely terrible at Mass, climbing and talking, so we're trying to find his best time for Mass attendance. We were hoping the teen Mass, with its cool music, would be better than the quiet of the 10:30 a.m. Mass. He did better. Also, cleaned the playroom, did some planning for the next month's worth of homeschooling activities, worked on some birthday party invitations for Miguelito's birthday and hopped online to see how everyone is doing. The board is so quiet!

For Holy Week, I'm planning to have our home life a little more mellow --- not so many activities, try to have some more prayer time in the afternoon with the children. We'll do Easter eggs on Thursday night and discuss their symbolism. I am planning to make a mini-retreat for the kids and myself on Good Friday. (I liked your idea of a



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Mon, 03-21-2005 - 5:47am

Friday was the end of our state testing at school. (Also the beginning of the end of school, because the kids think that once those tests are done, so are they!) Our faculty celebrated off-campus Friday afternoon, and I went to that for a little while. The people that I work with are a main reason I'm still working at the same place, so that was fun.

Saturday, I went to the cell phone store and replaced the one I lost earlier in the week with the cheapest thing they had, and also had DH's phone fixed. He has had more problems with the thing. Then I loaded the kids in the car, and we took off for my parents' house - an hour away. We visited with them for a while. Alex loaded up with First Communion and Birthday gifts/money and both got a little something from Valentine's from my mom and a "found" Christmas present. THen we went over to my grandparents' house. My aunt was visiting them from NJ, and I wanted to visit with her. I think they were glad to see us, but they were probably also glad when we left. The kids were bored and made their own entertainment to some extent. My sister and I went out to eat pizza, and then I headed back home.

SUnday, we just hung out in the morning. Alex had a den meeting in the afternoon for Cub Scouts, which was fun. After that, we went to 6:30 pm Mass. It is SO hard for Alex to stay awake at this particular Mass, but we told him he had to since he'd made his First Communion last weekend. It was tough, but he did it.

Plans for this week...morning Mass a couple of mornings. Work - we are off on Friday and next week. Possibly Good Friday Services. Maybe Holy Thursday. I've never been, and would like to go sometime.

I also have some fussing to do with my kids' school, but that's a subject for another post.

Have a good week!



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Mon, 03-21-2005 - 12:29pm

It poured buckets of rain this weekend---LOL---San Fran even had a funnel cloud in the sky, to hear them talk you'd think it touched down and ripped down town to shreads!!! The news is not to be trusted!

We stayed indoors. Jeremy came home Thur with his second round of strep throat in three weeks. We were just a bunch of couch potatoes this weekend. I got some planning down for Holy Week and Easter vacation. Besides daily mass with the kids, there are all the extra masses this week too. I wanted to make sure the baby has something new in her chruch bag for the up coming special days. Tue we will attend the chrism mass...then Thur mass and parish pot luck. Then Friday all day, Saturday confession and vigil and Sunday mass with parish Easter egg hunt. I love our Good Friday liturgey, Seven Last Words and our youth group mimes the's lovely. We end with a rosary. It's lovely, the kids and dh will attend the Stations.

On top of all that, which I love, it's also Staff Appreication week at Jeremy's school. I'm the lead room mother so I've been organizing the families to pull of something special each day for our teacher. Monday is flowers day...all the kids brought her a flower this morning. It was so cute to see them all lined up with their gift! She has a beautiful boquet. Tuesday is wish list day, when the kids bring her something off her classroom wish list. And it's Open House...Oh, NO! I just realized we will not being going to the Chrism mass!! <<>> Who's idea was to have Staff Appreciation during Holy Week?? Wednesday is Classroom Lirbary day were all the kids bring her a book from her class read list. Thrusday is make your teacher smile day where the kids bring her a little gift or poem, etc....
I organized parents to decorate her exterior doors and windows last night so she would be suprised in the morning. She LOVED that!! dh and I was supposed to come and plant her flower bed (aka the crab grass patch) but with it pouring rain all weekend, that will have to wait until it dries. Friday is no school. Then on Sunday afternoon we are going to pack the kids up and head to my parents.

*whew* It's a double-duty busy week. I'm tired just thinking about all that has to be done!! I just changed my emoticon!!

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Mon, 03-21-2005 - 7:34pm

Was a busy weekend. Saturday Dh and I went to 8 am Mass followed by St. Joseph Table Breakfast in the church hall. Then went off on Saturday errands.

Sunday was of course a longer Mass with the reading of the Passion. I then attended two separate Baptisms (as Baptism Coordinator) immediately following Mass for three older children. The baptisms were quite nice. Since the kids were older....sixth grade, eight grade and then a nine year old, Father spoke to them personally throughout the Baptism. It was rather awesome as I realized that these children immediately following their baptisms had not one tiny bit of sin on their souls at all. Of course it's the same way with babies' baptisms but somehow it seemed more impressive with these older children, same as adults who are baptized at the Easter Vigil.

Tomorrow morning I'm singing (diocesan choir)at the Cathedral for the Chrism Mass followed by a luncheon at one of the area parishes for priests celebrating "significant" anniversaries. Our own parish choir rehearsal is tomorrow night. Then Thursday, Friday and Saturday is the Triduum so we'll be at church each of the three nights (again singing). Hard to believe Lent is just about over. Do you know that technically the last day of Lent is Wednesday? Then starts the Triduum, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Vigil.