I just finished reading

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I just finished reading
Tue, 03-15-2005 - 5:10pm

Medjugorje The Message by Wayne Weible. MY Goodness! That was a great read. I am buying into it hook, line and sinker! Our deacon says that this is the first of four.

I thought I led a fairly prayerful life. I mumble little things under my breath while I drive, in the store, while I cook, etc...I have increased my prayer life!! I have such an inturnal desire to go and partake in a pilgramge now. I rattled on for an hour one night laying in bed with dh. He was so touched by me talking and relaying stories from the book HE wants to go too! I whole heartedly recommend this book to everyone. I have really liked and recommended books before but I have never felt so passionate about a book!! It's more than a book though!!