I'm back! Thought I'd share

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I'm back! Thought I'd share
Fri, 12-21-2012 - 7:44pm

Hello all.  I was really starting to miss Ivillage, but for a long time my access was limited on my home computer.  The problems appear fixed now, and I am having fun saying hello to all.

I have some struggles this Christmas.  First off, I had to quit my most lucrative part time job because the stress was causing my bipolar disorder to act up.  Now I am wondering if a full time job is really for me.  I can only try, but for now it is a moot point because schools are not hiring teachers right now.

My husband will soon celebrate a year of sobriety.  He is often unhappy.  I think faith could be the answer for him as it was for me, so I am praying he finds it.  I am glad that his AA sponsor is a Catholic priest, though.  One-stop spiritual shopping for him.

I pray often.  Today, I spent a marathon session praying the rosary, reading the Bible, watching Mass on TV, and also a GK Chesterton play on EWTN (anyone else see the latter?)  I reminded myself today that God alone is enough.  I always want to remember that, and to love others, because I want Heaven, some day if not now.  I pray for the grace to get there.


Beth "Petrouchka"

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Tue, 12-25-2012 - 1:08am

If this reply shows up more than once, I'm blaming it on the computer.

My husband has 30 or so years of sobriety, but is generally an unhappy, joyless person.  Our marriage has been very rocky the past year or so, and we went through the Retrouvaille program this past fall.  It seemed to constantly point to the fact of how much his own alcoholism and growing up with an alcoholic father seemed to contribute to the person he is today.

I went to my first AlAnon meeting a few weeks ago, and I will be going to some meetings during the hoidays trying to find that right "fit".  It struck me during the meeting when they said that alcoholism is a physical disease, but also a disease of the spirit.

I did not cause him to be where he is at, I can't control it, and I can't change it.  But I can take care of myself, which lately he has tried to stand in the way of...claiming that a priest told him it would ruin our marriage if I go to Bible Study (or do anything) with out him.  Ughhh.

I hope things improve for you.  Prayers!

And Merry Christmas!



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Wed, 01-02-2013 - 10:06am
I commend your strength and honesty Beth! These last couple of months have been very trying for me and my family and I'll tell you what I've lost my faith, Some of that has to do with the demons my own husband fights and we, as a couple have to deal with. I am so happy you lean on church b/c its the right thing to do!