It's a new week!

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It's a new week!
Mon, 04-22-2013 - 12:59am

Here's to hoping this is a better week for everyone.  Last week was just such a nightmare, I wish we could all just have a do-over.

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Sun, 05-05-2013 - 1:05am

Hi Jen,

Hope things are looking up for you!

I've had a lot of stressful times here, too.

I had an experience a week or so ago that has really helped.  Much of my stress has been job related.  I work at a middle school.  I have been there for 24 years (half of my life) and in the past decade, each year has gotten steadily worse.  This year has been awful.  We switched principals at mid-term.  We switched schedules I don't know how many times.  Discipline has been horrible.  

Our new principal is actually an old one who retired from our school about six years ago. One of the things she has proposed to do is to "reconstitute" the school.  This means that all those who work there currently must reapply for their jobs for next year or agree to be "displaced".  When she got approval for this, she started talking to those she wanted to stay. (Most told her "thanks, but no thanks".)  I was not one that she spoke to. (Although she did tell me last week to drop by her office when I had a chance...)  

My shoulders and neck were in knots for weeks. I could barely tip my head back to drink from a glass.  Seriously.  One morning I was sitting at Mass.  The first reading was from Acts and spoke about the good that happened as a result of "those that were scattered".  This resonated with me because the family that we have been at school is being scattered.  It also pointed out that good can happen in the scattering.  They had Adoration after Mass that day, so I spent a few minutes, wrote a few questions in my journal, and jotted down a quick prayer to be open to whatever His plan was.

When I got to school, I ran into a friend and spoke briefly to her.  She told me she was not returning next year. Something happened that day, and by lunch, I was telling the people that I have duty with "I'm not coming back here next year."  On the way home, I realized that the pain in my neck and back was GONE!  (And it has NOT returned!)

I do not like change, but I know that God has a plan, that it is better than mine, and I know without a doubt that I am making the right decision.  If I needed further confirmation (other than the pain being gone) I got it the next day.  I went to Mass at my own parish and the homily dealt with how Jesus speaks to us...not in a big, booming voice usually, but in small things - seeds planted in the liturgy, conversations with friends, etc.  It was step-by-step of the process I had gone through the day before - as if he had been following me around.

I love the people I work currently work with, and I will miss them.  We are all scattering.  I do not know where I will be working next year or what I will be teaching.  But I know that God has a plan!  Prayers that I will know the right position when it comes along!  Prayers that good will come from those who were scattered.




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