New here and just adopted lots of children and babies and a question

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New here and just adopted lots of children and babies and a question
Tue, 08-28-2012 - 1:49am
  1. Hi I"ve been lurking for a couple of days, catching up on some older posts. This is such a wonderful, uplifting board - just what I've been looking for!

A bit about us... My Husband and I recently adopted 11 children;  10yo, 8yo, 7yro, (2) 6yo, 5yr, (2) 1- 1/2 yo, (2) 13mo, 12mo I have 2 older children 23 yo in the AF, and a 21yo finishing his last college semester. I am so stinkin' proud of both, lol!

In addition to them, i have nannies and staff that live with us also, however they are much more than that, they are very, very special members of our family who will be with us forever.  Aside from my precious ones, one of my nannies had twin babies 3 mo ago and a 6yo, one hanny is due any second with twins and they have a 11-1/2 mo, and my last nanny is due with twins this Christmas. We are truly blessed!  My Hubby and I have been asked to be Godparents to  2 sets of twins so far. We are raising  all the children together as one family. All 17 will truly be brothers and sisters in Christ.

 I am Homeschooling all of them, so that we may raise them in our Catholic faith and can spend the year travelling. Instead of reading about people and places, they're going to experience all the world has to offer in person. My question is this... Does anyone know if I can teach them CCD classes on my own? Can I purchase workbooks or other necessary materials? We are in the middle of some major moving, so I'm not sure if I have to ask/register at ea. of the parishes where our homes are or at just one? The older 6 have had zero education, religious or otherwise so, I am really starting at the beginning. I have no doubt they will catch up quickly as they are very eager and bright. 

Thank you!

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According to my research, yes, you can teach CCD on your own.  I plan on doing that this year.  I moved this summer and the churches around me just don't have the CCD schedule that fits into mine.  One church 10 miles away has it on Sunday from 9:30 until 10:45 with Mass at 11:00.  I just don't see my two very active boys sitting still for an hour and 15 minutes of CCD and then sitting through an hour+ Mass quitely (not to mention, Mass starts about 15 to 30 minutes late constantly).

The other church has CCD for the younger ones on Tuesday and then my DD on Wednesday.  Getting three kids to CCD on two separate days is just too much for me.  So, I plan on having CCD on Wednesday afternoons which is an "early out" day for their school system.

I've ordered their books from Seton Press (or publishing, not sure which).  They are a big homeschooling publishing group and I've ordered their grade-specific religion workbooks from them. 

The only thing you have to be concerned about is if any of them will be receiving Sacraments (mine won't).  Some churches want you to attend their prep classes in order to receive the sacraments.  Check with the church you attend and see what they say.  Some are hard and fast, some not so much.  The church we just left allowed one homeschooled girl to receive reoncilitaion on her own and allowed her to receive First Communion without attending any of the prep courses (I know because I taught the course, she never showed up and still received First Communion with the group, but I can't say anything because my son was in 1st grade and they allowed him due to our personal circumstances of moving after being there 6 years and they didn't want him to miss receiving the same place as his older brother and sister).  Sometimes it depends on the church and sometimes, it depends on the priest.

Bless you for opening your home to so many,

Good luck.


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Welcome!  I agree with Kellie.  We're not a homeschooling family, but there are a few in our church who do teach CCD at home.  I don't know which materials they use, though.  I would definitely check with your parish to see if they would require the children to take their prep classes or if your teaching them instead would be OK.  Our CCD classes are usually just parishioners volunteering their time to teach the kids anyway.  I don't think that it would be a big deal for you to teach them at home, but I would definitely ask.