Our priest outted Santa!

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Our priest outted Santa!
Fri, 12-17-2010 - 1:13pm

Well, or so I was told.

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Fri, 12-17-2010 - 4:13pm


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Fri, 12-17-2010 - 4:18pm
I am not sure why he outs Santa (or even mentions him), unless he's trying to talk about what's really important during this time of year and what's not. I don't know the context in which it's done, but after the person at the party mentioned this to me, others chimed in saying that it's something he does each year. Our priest does suffer from occasional foot-in-mouth syndrome, so I suppose I'm not *as* shocked as they expected me to be.

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Fri, 12-17-2010 - 8:31pm

Our priest uses the vigil mass as a children's mass. He asks all of them to come up during the time of the homily and reads a story from a picture book to them. He then talks to them about the story and the Liturgy of the Word. Right at the end of the mass, "santa" brings up the bags of canned goods that the kids have brought for our local rescue mission and leaves them at the nativiy set.

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Sat, 12-18-2010 - 10:42pm

No, I've never had a priest do that. The closest I've heard is

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Sun, 12-19-2010 - 2:11pm
I don't think there is any need to mention Santa Claus during Mass - he' snot part of the liturgy nor should he....
but most priests on CHristmas morning will ask my kids what they got from Santa....


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Mon, 12-20-2010 - 10:57am

Santa is never mentioned in church.