Resurrection rolls and other recipes

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Resurrection rolls and other recipes
Thu, 03-17-2005 - 2:07pm

You might soon want to make sure you have the necessary ingredients for the following:

Resurrection Rolls

1 can refrigerated crescent roll dough
8 large marshmallows
Melted butter

Give each child one triangle shaped section of crescent roll. This represents the tomb.
Each child takes one marshmallow which represents the body of Christ.
Dip the marshmallow in the butter and roll in cinnamon and sugar mixture. This represents the oils and spices the body was anointed with upon burial.
Lay the marshmallow on the dough and carefully wrap it around the marshmallow.
Make sure all seams are pinched together well. (Otherwise the marshmallow will "ooze" out of the seams)
Bake according to package directions.

Break open the tomb and the body of Christ is no longer there!!
Celebrate God's love!

Resurrection Cookies

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Thu, 03-17-2005 - 3:03pm

Ruth -- This looks like a terrific--and easy--recipe! I'd seen the resurrection cookies recipe before, but never made it because it seemed too labor-intensive, and with four kids, the last thing I need to be doing is making labor-intensive cookies.

But I think I will add resurrection rolls to my Easter menu!

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Thu, 03-17-2005 - 3:33pm


Thanks for posting that information. Good stuff ...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!



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Thu, 03-17-2005 - 3:37pm
Where'd it go?
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Thu, 03-17-2005 - 3:47pm

Good one! I've not seen that one before. Here are a few of my favs.

Jelly Bean Prayer

Easter Story Cookies

Resurrection Eggs

Like a Jesse tree at Advent, do a Jesus tree at Lent (stations of the cross tree)

Lenten pretzel story Also,


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Fri, 03-18-2005 - 2:00pm

The marshmallow "melts" into the roll itself, just leaving the hole - ;-)