Silly St. Patrick's Day traditions

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Silly St. Patrick's Day traditions
Tue, 03-17-2009 - 10:38am

These aren't religious traditions, but I thought I'd share them anyway. Each year, the kids build a leprechaun trap. They bait it with gold (this year it was an earring). It is really fun to listen to them debate what kind of trap would most likely catch a leprechaun. They take it pretty seriously.

Then while they sleep, a leprechaun -- or perhaps several, who knows?;-)

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Tue, 03-17-2009 - 11:21am

I've always made March kind of an "Irish month" in our house, with green and white table linens, and a statue of St. Patrick that I put out at the beginning of March.

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Tue, 03-17-2009 - 12:13pm


Could you please post the recipe for the Guinness cupcakes with Bailey's buttercream frosting. TIA!

Ruth (who does not have one drop of Irish in her but loves cupcakes)

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Tue, 03-17-2009 - 1:06pm

I'm not sure which recipe DH used.

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Tue, 03-17-2009 - 3:19pm
That is the cutest St Patrick's Day tradition I've ever heard!

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Wed, 03-18-2009 - 6:47am

Matthew's class made Leprechaun traps at school, I never thought of doing it here.


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Sun, 03-22-2009 - 2:39pm

sorry I missed this thread,, The GREEN thing is great, my kids r 2 old now but how fun, sounds like Christmas all over again.....:)

We love corned beef and cabbage, although my husband put parsnips in it this year...Weird because he NEVER does, the parsnips as anyone who has ever eaten them knows they r sweet,,,I love them made the whole pot sweet,,,,,,

It was um different but good all the same....

Needless to say though we WILL NOT be adding them next

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Sun, 03-22-2009 - 5:30pm
What cute ideas!