What is the Difference

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What is the Difference
Sun, 02-15-2004 - 2:49pm

..Between a Monsignor and a Reverend?



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Wed, 02-18-2004 - 9:37pm
Main Entry: mon·si·gnor

: a Roman Catholic prelate having a dignity or titular distinction (as of domestic prelate or protonotary apostolic) usually conferred by the pope -- used as a title prefixed to the surname--

Signifies papal vs. clergy (pastoral, priest)

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Wed, 02-18-2004 - 11:43pm
All priests are Reverend (whoever). Monsignor is an honorary title given to some priests. They then become Reverend Monsignor (whoever). A "regular" priest (a Reverend) can be a pastor and a Monsignor can also be a pastor. We've had both in our parish over the years. Two of our previous pastors were Monsignors - one received the title after he became pastor at our parish. Currently our pastor is a Reverend and we also have another priest who became a Monsignor a couple of years ago.

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Sun, 02-22-2004 - 8:12pm
Monsignor is a title given to a prist who has done a significant piece of work that has enriched or enhanced the faith.

(Just went to pre-baptism classes and this was covered)