Board fixes - update

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Board fixes - update
Thu, 10-18-2012 - 9:02am

Hi, everyone. Jen, our Community Moderator, forwarded this information from Jess, who has started a new thread on iVillage Help to share new information with you and provide status updates. (full copy of the post follows):




Hi, everyone!

First, I want to say THANK YOU for all of your posts -- some issues we know about and are already working on; but you also brought some new bugs to our attention too. It's a big help to us to see these, and it helps me prioritize what needs to happen immediately, and what can come after that.

After we went live yesterday, thanks to you, the Community Leaders, and the Moderators, I was able to give a long list (Wink) of To-Dos to the tech team.

I'll use this thread to start reporting what our tech team is working on. I'll post a follow-up as things get fixed. 

Right now, this is what is being worked on:

1. Fixing Log In in IE

2. Re-importing missing user accounts (those "Visitor (Not Verified)" accounts), which is also related to the Error pages we get when we click on a thread.(What happens is this: when we click on a thread, the system needs to load all the info about that thread – the content, the settings, and the users attached to it. As the system searches frantically for the all the users participating in that thread, when it hits a missing user account, the page load fails.)

3. Re-importing missing message boards: All of the June 2012 Playgroup; boards in the Current Debates, After School Activities, 2008 Playgroup Friends, 2009 Playgroup friends, and Wedding & Honeymoon Planning topics; and the Nurtured Heart Approach board in the Spirited & High Needs topic. I can't thank our members in these boards enough for your patience!

Additionally, you should start seeing some Avatars reappearing, as well as some Signatures.

Also, you'll notice that header copy is missing from the boards -- that will be reloaded in the next 24-36 hours.

As for the rest of the list, I'm sitting down with the project manager this afternoon to prioritize the next tasks for the team. I'll make features that are not working or missing the highest priority. 

I'll talk to you soon!