Hosting Passover

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Hosting Passover
Sun, 04-06-2003 - 3:40pm
It's a custom and mitzvah to host guests for a Passover seder. This year, we may be fulfilling the mitzvah by hosting a family we've never met from our synagogue. My rabbi said he's hosted them in the past, but will be away this year. They have no family nearby, as they are originally from South Africa. They have children not too much younger than Sam and Rachel. I'd been thinking I wouldn't need an extra table this year, so I said we'd be happy to host them. Bring out that 2nd table, LOL!

In the past, we've hosted both Jewish and non-Jewish friends. We do the entire seder, so some guests are surprised how late it goes!

I enjoy hosting, but I do get a little more nervous about having everything ready in time when there are guests coming.

Do you host guests for your seders? Are you this year? Ever have guests you don't know very well? That's what will be different for us this year if they accept our invitation.

Counting down to Pesach,



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