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Need Good Thoughts
Sun, 04-06-2003 - 2:09pm
Well, Paul's in his final stretch for his Master's. All he has to do is write three term papers, then compile the three papers into a Master's paper, submit it for review, and take the Master's Examination based on his Master's paper and the coursework he has done for this degree. Once all this is done, he walks the stage for his Master's May 2nd...

He has compiled a schedule for himself, and while Beorn and I won't see him much the next three weeks, if he sticks to it he feels it is doable, with the high marks he desires. Everything is on course...except...

The secretary of his department just called. One of the doctor's in his field has just been hospitalized, and he requested Paul to take on one of his classes for the rest of the semester, as Paul is the only Doctoral Fellow (when he finishes this semester, he goes right into his dissertaion research and Ph.D. courses) in his field in the department. In the Fall, Paul was supposed to add being a 'paper grader' to his responsibilities, with the goal of having a class of his own by his final year of study for the Ph.D. While he has done a 'presentation' on an assigned subject in various classes, he has never had any experience in teaching or taking on an entire class course before. He took this course himself three years ago, and it's not in his specilization in the field. To say he's now shaking in his boots is an understatement, although he feels if he can pull it off it will be a 'feather in his cap'. Not only is he concerned for his professor, but to take on a class, and get all of his own coursework done on time is going to really throw him, and while I know he can do it, having lived with him all these years, I am so afraid he'll retreat to behavior that is typical of him and just say "I can't."

He is at the hospital now meeting with his professor and the department secretary. We will know what is expected of him regarding this when he returns. Please, if you can, put out a few positive vibes for the health of Paul's professor and that Paul gets through these next three weeks meeting his, and everyone else's, expectations.



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Sun, 04-06-2003 - 3:35pm
Good luck to Paul! He certainly has a lot going on in the next few weeks! -Janet


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Mon, 04-07-2003 - 9:42pm
Good luck to Paul and all of you. I hope it all works itself out in the least stressful way possible for everyone! (and in the best possible way of course!)