Yay, Aly! Did you feel special pride that Aly Raisman is Jewish?

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Yay, Aly! Did you feel special pride that Aly Raisman is Jewish?
Wed, 08-08-2012 - 5:09pm

OK, I know this is a form of bias, but yes I am extra proud of Aly because she is Jewish! And chose Jewish music for her gold medal-winning floor routine! And remembered the Israeli athletes killed at the Munich Olympics.



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Well she is also from around where we are. She actually trains at a gym down the street from where my oldest used to play hockey, so dually proud over here but at the same time am a tad annoyed about her religion playing any role. Like why must she be labeled the Jewish gymnast and I feel the same about gabby. I get beIng proud of our heritage but I also wonder if labeling them the jewish and African American gymnast does more harm then good. They are both American and the diversity of the team is great display of the USA but why do we need to make points of these thing. Why should their religion or race matter? It seems it can divide more then unite us. If think of the other big names in USA gymnastics its them as a gymnast not then the ________ gymnast. It's the same with other sports.