ISO Sephardic recipes

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ISO Sephardic recipes
Tue, 04-18-2006 - 11:45pm
We are having a Sephardic Shabbat at our synagogue in a couple of weeks, and dh has volunteered to do the cooking (in their kitchen!). The menu includes a tomato-stewed fish, spinach-based salad, and baklava. It all sounds yummy, but we are searching for an alternate choice for the kids. We don't want to do pizza or pasta because that's not really keeping within the Sephard theme, but we want something kid-friendly. Oh, and it has to be dairy or pareve. TIA.

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Wed, 04-19-2006 - 6:12am

how about couscous + a veggie soup/sauce? (served separately of course...)

plain steamed rice + sweet topping (fried onion, pine nuts, raisins)?

fish sticks?

hummous with vegetables for dipping


felafel balls

parve cholent - beans and potatoes.

burekas/bouikas (filo dough or pastry filled with different fillings - mashed potatoes, salty cheese, pareve hot dogs and rolled and baked)

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Thu, 04-27-2006 - 1:35pm

It's hard for dairy or pareve recipes, so much of the sphardic kitchen is meat based. All the ideas in the pp are great but I have to add that most sphardic cholents have eggs in them. I make mine this way and it's the only way my kids will eat eggs. Just place the whole egg (in the shell) towards the top of the cholent and cook with the rest as usual. The eggs, when peeled, turn brown and take on the flavors of the cholent...YUMMY!!!! (just be careful, they get really hot.
Sorry, that's all I have, all my other sphardic recipes that I have or my MIL makes are meat.