What's for dinner this week? 10 May 2010

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What's for dinner this week? 10 May 2010
Tue, 05-11-2010 - 11:35am

Thought it might be fun to share menu plans along with recipes. You can see that I pick a theme for each night to help me plan. Here's what's on our list for this week:

Monday (Noodle Night) - Baseball

Chicken Noodle Soup, salad/veggies

Tuesday (Soup/Sandwich Night) - Baseball

BLATs, carrot sticks, apple slices

Wed (Tried & True) - Baseball AND Dragon Boat Practice

lentil and sausage soup with greens

Thursday (Ethnic Night) - Baseball AND Mom out

shredded turkey tacos

Friday (Grill Night)

Grilled cod, parsnip/carrot/beet latkes with apple-rhubarb sauce, grilled asparagus, fruit

Saturday (Kid Pick) - DS11's Pick

Sunday (Oven/Crock-pot Night) - Baseball

Pot roast, baked/roasted potatoes, roasted cauliflower, steamed broccoli


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Fri, 05-14-2010 - 2:11pm

Can I come eat at your house tonight?