4 yr old appetite

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4 yr old appetite
Sat, 08-11-2007 - 5:55pm

Hi, is this normal? My granddaughter seems to be hungry way too often! She'll have oatmeal for breakfast, and hour later she is hungry again and this goes on all day long. I try to keep her 'feedings' about 3 hrs apart so that she will really be hungry and finish eating what she has requested but she whines and acts like I'm starving her if I don't feed her on demand. and I won't give in to 'whining'. Oh and she is not overweight, she is healthy.

I don't rememeber my dds being like this and it has been along time since they were little, so I am relearning alot and need lots of help, LOL

maybe even some suggestions on healthy finger food to tide her over?


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Sat, 08-11-2007 - 8:56pm


Maybe she's going through a growth spurt. My son will have his "hungry days" when he eats more than ever. Most days, he doesn't eat much at all. If you think she might not really be hungry, maybe try getting her involved in something she thinks is really interesting and fun as a distraction. If she still wants the food, then give her a small healthy snack or something to drink. Sometimes kids mix up hunger and thirst signals. Then again, maybe she really is hungry.

My kids like whole grain crackers with peanut butter or cheese. Or yogurt is a good alternative, as long as it isn't the super-sugary "kid yogurt".

Good luck!

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Mon, 08-20-2007 - 12:47am
I know that carbs don't fill much, especially if the child is growing. Maybe try to give her a little bit more protein: Like instead of oatmil for breakfast give her couple of boiled eggs and some more meat. Good protein for lunch and dinner. I am sure she is not going to be that hungry. Out of my own experience: if I eat just carbs - I am hungry in an hour...
I hope that helps.
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Tue, 08-21-2007 - 9:33pm

Hi - she could be going through a growth spurt.