4yo Education Help

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4yo Education Help
Mon, 08-18-2008 - 11:00am

Hello! everyone,

what is the 4yr old children need to start with for prepare coming K1.

I wish to check the book of "Reader Rabbit Giant Workbooks" and come with CD. it that selling in Singapore booksstore?

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Mon, 08-18-2008 - 3:41pm

I don't know if you can find it in a book store in Singapore. I've herd good things about the cd but we don't have it so I can't tell you how it is personally.

If you are wondering what your child will be expected to know going into K1, I would check with the school he will be attending. Some schools feel like they will teach them and you just need to help your child once school starts. Some feel that they need to have some basic things like knowing their colors, recognize the alphabet, know how to spell their names. Some like that but are okay if your child doesn't know it yet. Others want your kid to know all of that and how to write the letters. It really depends on the school, so your best bet is to contact the school he will be attending and ask.

Outside of that there are books that talk about What your Kindergartener Should Know (I think that might even be the title of one of them) that you can get a most bookstores or order from Amazon or one of the major booksellers (Barnes and Noble, Borders, Blackwell's, Thorton's Bookshop,(though I can't remember if those are just in Oxford) etc. Those books will give you an idea of what is expected to be known by the end of that school year. They might even give you an overview of what they are expected to know going in.