Advice on potty chair for a boy??

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Advice on potty chair for a boy??
Mon, 05-18-2009 - 10:01am

Hi everybody!
I am asking this group instead of the toilet teaching forum b/c most of you have BTDT potty training, and most of them are seeking help. I already potty trained my now 4 yo DD right after she turned 2, and it was easy. But my DS is very large (35 lbs at 18 months, size 7 shoe, 3-5 year old socks) and doesn't like the Baby Bjorn Little Potty, because it is small and the splashguard in front catches/hits his scrotum when he tried to sit on it, and when I help him sit, it still touches/brushes his weewee while he sits, and that can't be comfortable.

Any advice on a good decently large-holed potty chair with splashguard that is set far forward enough for a boy to get his pee contained without "cramping his style" so to speak?



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Mon, 05-18-2009 - 2:41pm

It may be easiest to get a stool, so your ds can climb up on the regular toilet, sitting backward (facing the tank). By sitting backward, it gives him a more solid seat (his bum rests on the front of the seat, so he doesn't fall in), and it also keeps his penis pointed straight or downward, so you get less splashing outside the toilet.

It doesn't hurt to post on the toilet teaching board. I know I've seen discussions about various potty seats there before (incl the "Peter Potty" urinal for toddlers). The board leader seems to have a lot of experience or at least a lot of info!

I've also read good things about the Baby Bjorn potty chair, but I don't have personal experience with it.

Good luck!

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Wed, 05-20-2009 - 7:14pm

I'm going to second the recommendation to get a stool and have him sit on the big potty.

I hated that potty shield. It caused nothing but trouble when I was potty training Philip and I ended up just taking it off and teaching him to make sure it was pointing down before he started peeing.