anatomy /sex ed. books for little ones

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anatomy /sex ed. books for little ones
Mon, 05-21-2007 - 7:19pm

I have a daughter who turned 5 in Feb., and she has just started asking questions about where babies come from and such. I am wondering if anyone can recommend a good book on this subject for kids her age. I looked at B&N one day a few weeks ago, but the books they had seemed more suited to older kids. One of them talked about ejaculation, which I thought was a bit much for a 5-yr.-old.

A couple of nights ago, as i was trying to get her ready for bed, she asked what a weiner is. She had been at a bar-b-que at a neighbor's house that afternoon, so I said, "It's the meat part of a hot dog." And she said "Oh! Mattie and Sophia (her friends) said it's a bad word." I realized then what they likely meant, but didn't really want to go into it when we were both tired and I was looking forward to getting to bed, so I just said, "No, it's just a hot dog." Then she said, "They said it was this," and pointed at her crotch. So, I said, "Oh -- I think they were referring to a man's penis. 'Weiner' isn't really a bad word, just sort of a silly word. 'Penis' is the right word." Well, then she asked what a penis was. I was hoping she would know that already. Her dad and I are divorced, by the way, so I have no idea what he may or may not have told her, or if she has ever seen him getting out of the shower or anything. My guess is that he's told her nothing, but she may have glimpsed him naked at some point, since he isn't shy about that sort of thing. Anyway, i said, "Well, you know that boys and girls have different body parts, right?" She nodded. "Well, we just pee through a hole from our bodies, boys have an appendage called a penis." Then she asked what an appendage was. At that point I told her it might be better to discuss this tomorrow, when we aren't tired and have more time.

The next day, we were busy all day and I forgot all about it, and then when we were getting ready for bed again, she asked, "How did the doctor make me?" We have discussed before the idea that babies grow in their mommies tummies, so I repeated that and said the doctor just pulled you out. Daddy and I made you. Then she wanted to know why the doctor was involved, then. Basically, she wanted to know about birth, not conception. Anyway, I told her that this might be part of that discussion we were going to have about the difference between boys and girls and that I'd see if I could find a book that might explain it better than I could.

I also thought a book with some explanation of menstruation might be useful, since she walked in on me in the bathroom a while back and saw a maxi pad with blood on it, which scared her a bit. I told her it was something that happens to grown-up women and is normal and that I was fine. That seemed to satisfy her and she went on her merry way, but I thought some time I might want to explain it better. I just wasn't sure how to explain that to someone five.

Any ideas for books, or even videos, maybe? Just something describing anatomy and explaining a little bit about how the body works (without going too far into things she wouldn't need to know or even understand yet).

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