DD's first day of camp

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DD's first day of camp
Tue, 08-07-2007 - 9:31am
Hi everyone, I'm just lurking since I've had to let some feelings out. My DD started her first preschool experience last year. It took her a l-o-n-g time to get over her seperation anxiety, but after about 3 mos, she knew the routine and was doing great! Her teachers said she improved so much and is so independent now. Anyhow, we decided to keep June and July free this summer for vacations and then August would be camp month. She was so excited as she loves animals and there are so many animal themes. Well today was her first day, and she would only be there from 9-12. So she got dressed, was dancing around, singing "it's time to go to school"...I walked her in and she was ready to go...until...a large class came down the hall with the camp teachers who were trying to get things organized at the moment and then everything broke-down. I heard her start to cry hysterically, saying how she misses me...the camp teachers told me she'll be fine. So I just told her I'll be back shortly and walked out. At the beginning of school, I would comfort her, but not this time. I wanted her to be more independent. I know there's different teachers, different kids and a different room, but she's familiar with her school. I just feel bad for not consoling her. I'm sure she'll be fine in a couple days. It's only 3 weeks worth of camp, and she's only there Tues-Friday from 9-12. Was I a bad mommy for just saying "goodbye", and leaving here there with people she didn't know? I feel terrible that she was so excited, but I think she thought it would be her preschool teacher, in the same room, etc.