different from age 3 to 4

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different from age 3 to 4
Thu, 02-19-2009 - 9:27pm
Wondering for all who have 4 yr olds, did you notice a huge change in ds or dd from 3 to 4. More focused at 4 that 3.5 even? When it comes to learning etc I mean? I have a 3.5 yr old who is in a pre school program with some 4 yr olds and they can say abc's draw and colour in the lines. Just wondering if anyones 3.5 yr old had no interest but was doing fine at 4. starting school.
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Fri, 02-20-2009 - 9:38pm

It varies a lot at this age. My 5yo knew her ABCs and 123s at 3yo, but she wasn't coloring in the lines. She can mostly color in the lines now. She has a 4yo friend who can already do artwork like an 8-10yo, but he's not as advanced with ABCs & 123s.

My now 12yo didn't know his ABCs, 123s, nor could he color in the lines by the time he started kindergarten, but he's currently advanced academically (admittedly he did have to repeat kindy, but it was the best thing for him and got the rest of his school years started off on the right foot).

When my children were advanced preschoolers, it seemed like they were the only ones, and when I had a delayed preschooler, it seemed like HE was the only one. We moms just tend to worry about our kids standing out and being different, no matter how they're doing.

You might check with your local kindergarten to see what they expect your child to know before starting kindergarten. Our county helps teach the ABCs in kindy, but the adjoining county expects the children to already know their ABCs when they start.

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Mon, 02-23-2009 - 3:31pm

The previous poster is so right when she says it varies. I've found with my own kids and among those of my friends that they excell in one area and are dragging in another -- may be very coordinated and riding a bike w/o training wheels before they are 5 yet can't write their own name consistently (might not even want to try) or a whiz at drawing/coloring but can't hop on one foot.

Check with the school your child will be attending and see what they would like kids entering k to already know. If you just looked at the information form the K teachers have the parents fill out about their kids before the evaluation in May you would think they are expecting the kids to come in knowing not only how to write their first and last name properly but full on sentences with no help. That is not what they expect at all. They set up the form so it covers everything from the kids knowing nothing to those that can read chapter books on their own. They use it to help balance the class rooms and to give them an idea if how much time they will need to spend on going over numbers, letters and printing. They still cover those items but they might go over them faster or slower depending on the level of the various kids in their class.