five year old drama....please help

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five year old drama....please help
Sat, 02-16-2013 - 11:49am

i have a special situation that not many people (luckily) have had to deal with. i need to know if anyone has any advice as to what to do about my situation, so here goes....

i am a young mother (24) and in the past year and a half have had a really rough road. long story short my son (about to turn 5) was living with my boyfriends family through that time because i thought it would be the best place for him. turns out it was a horrible decision because they decided they wanted to be his play toys instead of authority figures and pretty much let him do whatever he wanted. in their minds they had the best living situation for him so they did everything in their power to make sure we had an extremely hard time transitioning him home. he is now home with me and my boyfriend, on the same schedule and everything but has a horrible attitude. He back talks me and my boyfriend, screams and cries constantly, and does not listen to anything we tell him. I understand that there has to be time for him to get used to being back home with us, but it's been a little over a month and I'm starting to go crazy with this issue. Nothing has seemed to work, not being nice, not time out, not taking toys and privileges....Please help! 

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Tue, 02-19-2013 - 2:34pm

Hi there,

I think it is pretty understandable that there would be a bit of a rough transition period.  That's a big change for such a little guy!  I think my biggest suggestion would be to pick a strategy and stick to it. If you have a specific rewards system, always do it.  Once he gets settled into a routine and knows exactly what to expect all the time, it will make things easier for all of you. 

Hopefully the other ladies here will have some tips for you too!