Get your new underwear here!

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Get your new underwear here!
Mon, 06-29-2009 - 8:14pm

Signature Making for Beginners - summer time special

On Signature Making for Beginners we have several learner makers who would love to practise their sig-making skills. We would like to invite you to come and put a request in and let these girls show you what they can do.

Now, with every great deal, there's the small print. Here's ours.

Please don't double-dip - ie don't request on Signature Showcase and SMFB at the same time.

Please don't bump your request. Even if it drops off the front page, leave it alone! We'll find it!

Please thank each maker for the sigs you get. This is *really* important.

Please wait 2 weeks or more before requesting again.

For more details, check out our Requesting Etiquette.

Just one more thing, if this offer is as successful as we hope it will be, SMFB will get very busy. Please be patient with us - we will get your siggy made for you!

Oh, and don't let the word "beginners" put you off - these girls make marvellous siggies.

Posted for the SMFB board -- they make some great signatures!