Getting Ready for Back to School

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Getting Ready for Back to School
Thu, 08-02-2012 - 12:51pm

This was a list from my daycare's monthly newsletter and I thought it had some good tid bits to get ready for back to school, or starting to school for the new Pre-K and Kindergartens or even those looking at working with the kids on an at home basis:


Getting Ready for Back-to-School


As the lazy days of summer slip away, it will soon be time to prepare for going back to school. Here are some tips to make the transition easier.


Establish a Routine: Bed times, rise-and-shine times, where do I put my backpack and important notes when I get home – whatever your routine/schedule will be, begin following it at least a week before school actually begins. This will help you and your child adjust to the routine.


Take a School Tour: This is especially important if your child is new to the school system or building. Knowing where to go on the first day can relieve a lot of stress.


Meet With Your Child’s Teacher(s): Introduce yourselves. Discuss what will be happening in the classroom, any special needs or situations your child may have. Can you help out in the classroom?


Be Sure Your Child Knows YOUR Address and Phone Number: Especially important if you have just moved!


Make Sure All School Records Are Up To Date: Make sure the school has any new phone numbers, changes of address, immunization updates, etc. Having these in an emergency can save precious minutes.


Get All Required Examinations: Try to schedule appointments for sports physicals, immunizations, dental exams, etc., before school starts to avoid absences.


After School Care: Make necessary arrangements and be sure your child knows where to go and what to do after school. It is also a good idea to inform the teacher of these plans.


Create a Homework Center: Stock it with extra crayons and supplies to complete homework. Make sure no television is near and distractions are few.


Purchase School Supplies: Check with your child’s teacher or school for a list of needed supplies.


Stress The Importance Of Good Nutrition: Healthy, well-balanced breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners can unleash the Brainiac in your child! Studies have shown that good nutrition helps keep children focused, their energies high, and their moods balanced – all of which are factors that promote learning.