Haven't been around much................

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Haven't been around much................
Tue, 04-08-2003 - 4:20pm
It isn't because I haven't been *trying*!!! I'm not ignoring you all, it's just everytime I go to post something I get this message.....


This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information."

I have never had this problem before the new format change and I'm not sure what the heck it means. (anyone know??) Anyway, that's the reason I haven't been posting, it's a pain in the neck and takes FOREVER to get anywhere. Just thought I'd let ya know I'm still alive! LOL!


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Tue, 04-08-2003 - 5:15pm
I have no idea what that means either. I've been having some troubles since the format change as well though. 1. My screen won't stay where I want it when I'm here. 2. I have trouble accessing this board from my favorites list now.

Maybe it's just a glitch that they're still working out. Glad to hear from you!


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Tue, 04-08-2003 - 5:44pm
Hi Lynda!! Thanks for the great email you sent me!! I have been having problems with the new format too!! I don't come here as much because just reading the posts seem so time consuming now. Then again, I don't like change, I know I know, get over it!! LOL!!

Hope you're having a great day!!

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Wed, 04-09-2003 - 12:11pm
Hi Lynda! I've never seen that message but I haven't been posting as much as I used to b/c I can't stand the new board period! 2-3 screens? The floating posts drives me crazy!!! and I can't always get the 4/5 board on my home computer for some reason.

Here's another thing - do I really want or need to know how many times a post has been viewed? Do I care?

Well, ending my little vent here! But it is great to "see" you!!!!



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Wed, 04-09-2003 - 8:02pm
Good to see you're still posting. I know you're alive sending emails, though! LOL!!

Janet =)

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