HELP 4yr old Daughter Rebelling

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HELP 4yr old Daughter Rebelling
Tue, 02-23-2010 - 12:34pm

Hi my name is Brittany I am a 25year old Mom to a beautiful always been happy and good little girl named Kyleigh. I am also expecting another girl in June. Ever since we found out that we are having another girl my daughter Kyleigh has been terrible, I dont know if it is involved with the baby possibly jealousy or just her age like is this a stage. She doesnt want to listen and she doesnt want to clean up and her favorite word to me and my husband (her father) is I HATE YOU! It kills me everytime she says it .. We have tried everything... Timeouts, Taking Toys, Talking to her and every punishment you can think of but I just dont know what to do .. PLEASE any advice or help would be appreciated because I REALLY have no clue what else to do or try.

Thanks Brittany