Help with my almost-5-year-old!

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Help with my almost-5-year-old!
Fri, 08-29-2008 - 8:04pm

We have been having major problems with our 4-year-old son (he'll be 5 in Oct).

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Sun, 08-31-2008 - 9:17pm

Hmmm....I wish I could help you more.

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Wed, 09-03-2008 - 1:01pm

Amy, have you talked to him ahead of getting on the phone? Tell him what you are going to do and for how long -- I'll be on the phone for 20 minutes. And then give him a reward (playing a game or something similar) for leaving you alone for that period. Maybe even using the timer so he knows when 20 minutes are up.

What you are describing sounds like a cry for attention. Which I know might sound weird because it does sound like he is getting lots of attention but the minute your attention is transferred to something else he acts out to get it back.

I have to think about any suggestions I would give. My intial reaction is that I would start to take away many of his decision making times telling him that if you are going to act like a little kid, that is how you will be treated. But I could see that backfiring on me.