Hey gals, you helped me a few months ago

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Hey gals, you helped me a few months ago
Wed, 04-22-2009 - 11:45am

and I was hoping you could help again! I was debating having a beachy themed party, and you confirmed a yes for me. :O)

Benjamin has a birthday coming up June 20th, we're going to celebrate his birthday on Father's Day the 21st( he was born on Father's day and it is really tough for DH to get time off in the summer).
We are planning on renting a pavilion at our favorite lake. There is a perfect sized beach there and it's one of Benji's favorite spots. It's 40 bucks.
Now the issues:
Since it's Father's Day, we were thinking of starting the party around 2 pm. That way folks that go to church can go, and if they have family stuff they can do that too(assuming it's in the am).
Since it's early summer, the weather is still unpredictable. We can still hold the party rain or shine, the shelter is fine for that, but I was hoping they could swim. I was thinking, just in case we could hire Silly Willy the clown, he does an hour show of silly magic, and puppetry, some balloons, and hands out clown noses, and stickers at the end. We were planning on grilling too. Now I am thinking we might be trying to do too much.
What does everybody think? We are thinking of keeping the food simple, hot dogs hamburgers and a few sides and chips, then cake. Also, any ideas on the flow of the party? Will everybody want to swim first? Maybe an hour. Then maybe clown time, another hour, then food, cake and presents, the last hour? Since it's a public area guests can stay as long as they want to, and can go back to swim later? I would love some help from you gals, especially if you've been to bday parties before. FYI: Benjamin is turning 5, our guests will be a mix of ages though. Thanks!! Also, if we are grilling later, should we mention that on the invite? We'll have snacks, chips and drinks, but no real food until later. Help me please!!


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Mon, 04-27-2009 - 10:43am

Your plan sounds fine. The afternoon start will give people plenty of time to do something in the morning if they wish. I would mention on the invitation that you will be grill because the time you are having the party falls in between meals so many people might not realize you are planning on doing something besides cake.

You might consider having the gifts opened later at home unless that is just not done in your area. In my area a lot of times when the party is held outside the home present opening is skipped until later. It gives the kids more time to play. At home parties it is skipped about half the time. When we've done home parties we've played it by ear -- if the kids are having a great time playing we've been known to skipped it. Personally I prefer to do it when things have quieted down so that I can keep track of who gave them what for the thank you cards.