How was New Year's Eve?

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How was New Year's Eve?
Fri, 01-02-2009 - 2:14pm

So how was your New Year's Eve?

We had a nice evening at home. I made the kids take a nap that afternoon because both said they wanted to try and stay up till midnight. Lindsay actually rested for the full 3 hours I said quiet time would last. Of course she was out of her bed as soon as that time had passed. We also ate dinner later to help. They enjoyed listening to the music and seeing the pictures of the people hanging out in the streets both in New York and San Francisco. We had to toast the New Year with sparkling apple cider. They were both in bed and fast asleep by 12:30. I don't think Lindsay has fallen asleep that fast in months.

The nice thing is I think this has broken her habit of having to have me come in repeatedly to check on her that she started this summer. Oh wouldn't that be wonderful.