I am always the bad guy!

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I am always the bad guy!
Tue, 10-09-2007 - 10:15am

I have asked questions on this board before but it has been a while.

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Wed, 10-10-2007 - 4:30am

this is what my husband started doing in the mornings since i am at work and he has to get both girls ready. at night we get EVERYTHING ready...i.e. clothes laid out...baths...bookbags ready...shoes next to clothes... and in the morning all they do is get up get dressed eat..he then spends a little time with them while he does their hair ( i taught him how to do their hair so pretty ..lol)

you might also want to wake up before she does so you can get yourself a little adjust first...then wake her up ...spend some time with her then ease her into the things that she needs to do..make it a game..set a timer..

i hope that helps

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Tue, 10-16-2007 - 2:34pm

I agree with the previous poster that having everything ready the night before has helped us tremendously with our morning routine.

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