I have a little question

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I have a little question
Fri, 06-08-2007 - 11:35am
I have two children, my DS is seven and my DD is four. They both have been children who have been bedwetters. I have just put both of them in pull-ups and haven't thought much of it, I know they will grow out of it eventually. Recently I have realized that my DD is not really wetting the bed, she is waking up dry and then going in the pull-up before she gets out of bed. I had asked her about it and she said she does wet the bed just like her brother. I know that on the weekends when we are not rushed she will stay in her pull-up until I argue with her about taking it off, and it seems at that point it is wetter than before but I can't say that for sure, seems to me she might be enjoying not having to go potty. So last night I decided to try her in regular underwear, DD pleaded and pleaded not to wear underwear she said she was afraid she would get her bed wet, she got so upset crying and crying and so worked up she almost got sick. My DS is usually the child to get more more worked up, so seeing DD like this is unusual, she is usually really easy going. To me this seems like she is enjoying the freedom of wearing pull-ups and I have this battle going on in my head. Part of me thinks just let her, there is no harm and then another part of me says that she doesn't really need them so why continue to have to buy them, which those of you who still buy pull-ups know they are not cheap. She kept telling me it is not fair because DS gets to wear his pull-ups(Goodnites) but she doesn't get to wear hers. Which is true DS does truly wet the bed, so badly sometimes and even just for when taking a nap. So she sees me even putting one on if he falls asleep on the couch etc. So she is freaking out about not wearing one, what do you think I should do? I am not one of those parents who won't put up the fight if I need to, but don't want to fight about something I don't need to.
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Fri, 06-08-2007 - 11:51am

Hmmmm... Let me think on this one a bit. My son has encopresis and so I was worried about my daughter when she was potty training. Sort of the same situation. I'll get back to you in a bit, but in the meantime you may want to check out the Bedwetting and Encopresis board here at ivillage.

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Sat, 06-09-2007 - 12:37am

You can buy pads in the adult diaper section of the store (they're similar to disposable diaper changing pads -- in fact, you could possibly use disposable diaper changing pads) which you can put under dd during the night. If she truly wets the bed, this will protect the bed. If she's just using the pullups to be lazy, this will still allow her clothing to get wet and for her to be uncomfortable without ruining the mattress (tho' her top blanket may still get a bit wet). This may give you a better sense of whether dd really needs the pullups or whether she's being lazy.

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Tue, 06-12-2007 - 4:37pm
There is a plastic sheet that I bought at walmart for around 10$ that will work too. I put it under the normal fitted sheet. It will protect the whole bed. DS had this problem too and that is how I dealt with it although the pads might save you some sheet washing!