I need Snack Ideas.....Can you help?

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I need Snack Ideas.....Can you help?
Wed, 04-29-2009 - 6:01pm

Lindsay eats what they call brunch at school. The K's have recess and "snack" after the other grades are done (about 10:30). The teachers call it brunch because it is too late to be breakfast and too close to lunch time to be a real snack. I think they are also trying to get the Kinders use to eating a meal at school. They've asked that we send healthy stuff such as half a sandwich, whole wheat crackers, cheese sticks, fruit or vegetables.

Any way, I am running out of ideas. She is picky yet what she does eat though it is usually healthy. She doesn't eat sandwiches very often and has recently asked my why I always give her some type of cheese. She needs a protein and cheese is one of the few she will eat. So I stopped giving her any and gave her yogurt and bagels cut up. That worked for 3 days before she started asking why I always give her cheese or yogurt.

Basically this long post boils down to the fact that I need snack or light lunch ideas. The more ideas or variation on the same the better it will be. I am dreading next year when she will have to have a snack and a lunch.

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Thu, 04-30-2009 - 7:52pm

How about cereal & milk? My ds used to take dry cereal in a bowl with a lid (I usually used an empty butter container), and I'd put some milk in a water bottle that he could add when he was ready.

Apples &/or celery with peanut butter dip (peanut butter in a small container with lid)

Toothpick kebobs with chunks of cheese & fruit (grapes, strawberries, etc)

Variety of cheeses (cheddar cheese cubes, string cheese, american cheese slices cut in quarters and served with crackers, etc)

Tortilla & cheese wrap (with/without meat & baby spinach leaves added), rolled up like a log and cut into slices.

My kids LOVE finger sandwiches made on white bread with American cheese, cut into cute shapes with cookie cutters (with a light coating of mayo on one slice of the bread). This one can be a bit wasteful, but it provides occasional variety. I usually use the leftover edges of bread to make bread pudding and save the leftover cheese edges to make a cheese sauce.

Variety of yogurt (different brands/textures/flavors), sometimes sent half-frozen, esp in warm weather

Small bowl of leftovers, such as mac-n-cheese

100% fruit leather (Target has some good ones with the Market Pantry label), eaten with or without cheese

Nuts (sunflower seeds, almonds, cashews, etc)

Hummus with bread or dry bread chips. I've never made good hummus on my own, but I've eaten some good store-bought stuff that my 5yo even liked

Edible playdoh (mixture of mostly oats and peanut butter, with a little bit of honey and dry milk powder)

Homemade granola bars -- use the Rice Krispie marshmallow treat recipe, but substitute half quick oats instead of cereal. You can add some peanut butter to the regular butter (or even substitute peanut butter for the regular butter). You can add chopped dried fruit if desired (I get the bag of mixed dried fruit bits at the grocery store).

Small curd cottage cheese with dry bagel chips

Of course, for all my ideas, my kids usually take the same ol' same ol' every day! Since my kids each eat different things, I find it easier to make the one thing they'll ALL eat every day rather than four separate lunches! They usually eat something different for after-school snacks, though.