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Sun, 04-06-2003 - 9:00am
Hiya boardees! Now that we all got used to the new format, (Or at least a bit), I am adding some spice to our board. I just requested some extra folders. I don't know how many they will give us, or when. I wanted to give you all a heads up on it though. I think it will help us sort through what we want to view with limited time. I have some games up my sleeve as well, so get ready to spice it up a bit! YaHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *wink*

I've requested these:

*Roll Call*

*Question of the...* (rather than Question of the Week, please)

*Newbies' & Lurkers' Introductions*

*Board Fun & Games*

*Toys, Transitions & Tons of Tips*

*Family Affairs*

*Board Help*


*Meet the Boardees*

Let's see what they approve of, shall we?? =) Have a great weekend, everyone! See you on Monday!

Oodles of hugs,

Janet =)

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