introducing me and my oldest son (4 1/2)

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introducing me and my oldest son (4 1/2)
Sun, 07-18-2010 - 3:05am

I also posted this in Learning forum here. I am new here so i dont know where would i belong better lol...
I was trying to find a forum where parents very involve in kids education and not necessary being home-schooled.
Well I think I have an advanced one on my hands and i would like to get in touch with parents in the same situation as me - which is keep stimulating learning ability of our little ones.

Little info about us. My 4 year old (will be 5 in September) has 1 more year with me at home before he goes to Kindergarten. I think he is way advanced in some areas.

DS learned his letters by age 3. From 3 to 4 (that year) we were writing letters on paper and learning sounds. When he was 4 1/2 I introduced him to reading - putting sounds together. We started that in January. He completed K level of books within 2 months and now finishing 1st grade books - and that is within 6 months of doing it. He now reads, understands and answer question of little stories of about 200 words per story.

He writes sentences nicely (with about 5% mistakes in words). His letters are very nice (because he had a whole year practicing).

Math. He was struggling with idea of Addition and Subtraction. So i got him Abacus couple of days ago. And today was actually day #3 doing it and he amazes me that he can do addition like 12+6 or 14+11 (on abacus of course) very fast.
Abacus is when you have several rows of 10 beads on each. First row are counted by 1. So 1 bead represents single digit. Second row represents 10s, so 1 bid from second row is 10, 2 bids = 20 and so on. One bead from third row is 100. And so on.
So now i can give him any math problem (addition and subtraction) and he can find answer by himself. We use 1st grade Math now and it seems to be easy for him.
He very enjoys counting money value now as well. One time he had to count money value up to 80 and he did it with no problem (with help of abacus but that was all by himself)

Physical Education. He is in gymnastics and got 3rd place all around last April. He can do a perfect cartwheel (now couches tells him to do 1 hand cartwheel), he is almost getting backbends and kick-overs (when you are from bridge position kick your legs over yourself and end up on your feet again). He is one of the best in his class there too.

I know people are saying he will be bored in K. But he loves learning and saying "I did it! I am very good at it!!" makes me so happy to see him loving it. In my heart i think he came way too far by now and it will be just foolish to quit developing his abilities in learning....

I try to give him all around ideas about different things. My husband is doing science stuff with him a lot, always having projects. We go for walks, nature center, We do cooking together, growing things together. I do lots of singing and just music rhythm with him With kids musical instruments. He loves video games too. Lego star wars, Lego Betman, Lego Harry Potter are his new favorite now.

So whatcha think?

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